Glad to be back: My Smooth Jazz KIFM journey

December 15, 2016

My Dad listened to a lot of straight ahead Jazz. My brother, a whole lot of R&B and Funk. I loved all of it and of course Hip Hop was my thing but it was my sister that planted the Smooth Jazz seed in me whether she knows it or not. Coming out of my senior year at Mira Mesa High School I loved Smooth Jazz 98.1 KIFM. It was just seriously chill music. I could turn it on and think (or not). It was the music that help get through very hard times in the late 90's. Every Friday at 5PM Kelly Cole would play The Glen Miller Orchestra's In the Mood to signal the official beginning of the weekend.

It was sometime in 2005 when I was working at The Speckles Theatre in downtown San Diego at a Mindi Abair concert that I asked the at the time Smooth Jazz 98.1 Promotions Director Kimberly Bianco if they needed any help at the station. I told her that I didn’t have any radio experience but even if they needed any one to empty trash cans at night that I would do it. I just needed my foot in the door and the rest would be up to me. I would show the hometown of San Diego that I belonged in this Smooth Jazz Radio world. After that I became a member of the Promotions Team, the Production team, and eventually the Air Staff. Now the radio personalities such as Kelly Cole(the Obi Wan Kenobi to my Luke Skywalker) Tayari Howard, Shelly Fox, Melissa Sharpe, Mike V. and Mark Zegan went from being idols, to mentors and contemporaries. Moments of kicking it with the late Wayman Tisdale(one of the coolest men to ever walk the earth) , eating homade cookies from Mindi Abair to the magnificent Smooth Jazz 98.1 Jazz Festivals in Downtown San Diego are forever etched in my mind.

With all the amazing world class and amazing Smooth Jazz artists I have met it is still the fans of the music I am in awe of. You are not just fans, but a family that knows each other on site and will travel from San Diego, to Seal Beach, Catalina, The Bay Area, Napa, Big Bear, Nevada or anywhere else to keep this thing going. That is why I'm glad to back on the air with KIFM. Staying on this journey with you to put this music back in the forefront where it belongs. It is truly an honor to say the words "SMOOTH JAZZ KIFM" again.

You can catch me on in "Smooth Jazz After Dark"every weeknight from 7PM-Midnight and Saturdays from 10AM- 2PM on Smooth Jazz KIFM!