Feel Good on the 50s: The Kindness Of People

Waitress Helps An Elderly Man With His Food And Is Rewarded With A Scholarship

March 13, 2018

A waffle house waitress by the name of Evoni Williams just showed the world the true definition of KINDNESS. She was working in the waffle house to help pay for college and noticed a 78 year-old elderly costumer who had a breathing tank and was struggling to cut his food. She did not hesitate and walked over and started cutting the man's food for him. Little did she know that a viral photo of that act of kindness would go viral around the world!

A woman by the name of Laura Wolf was at that same waffle house and took a photo and wrote a nice caption.

The viral post caught the attention of Texas Southern University, which offered Williams a $16,000 scholarship in recognition of her act of kindness.

Here is how she reacted!



Feel Good on the 50s: Kind Waitress