Feel Good on the 50s Story: CEO Gives a College Student his Car!

He Found Out that the College Kid Walked 20 Miles to Work!

July 18, 2018

A college kid in Alabama named Walter Carr got a new job at a moving company in Birmingham last week.  Then right before his first day, his car broke down.  But he still made it on time because he was willing to walk 20 miles to get there.

He started walking at midnight to make sure he'd get to his first gig by 8:00 A.M. the next morning.  Some cops saw him around four o'clock and bought him breakfast, and drove him the rest of the way.

After that, he worked a full day helping a woman move out of her house and when she found out how he got there, she tried to get him to take a break but he refused.

The company Walter works for is called Bellhops Moving.  The CEO is a guy named Luke Marklin and after Luke found out what Walter did, he drove from Tennessee to Alabama to meet him and gave him his own car.

It's a 2014 Ford Escape.  So a pretty decent upgrade from the 15-year-old Altima Walter was driving before. 

Check out the touching video below!