Feel Good Story: The Owners of a Pizza Place Have Given Away 142,000 Slices of Pizza to the Homeless

It's Pizza Pizza!

October 12, 2018

A couple in Fargo, North Dakota named Mike and Jenny Stevens opened a Little Caesars franchise back in 2015 and about two years ago, they noticed that homeless people kept looking for leftover pizza in their dumpster outside.

So they put up a sign that said anyone who couldn't afford to eat could come in and get some fresh hot pizza, free of charge.

The sign in their window says, "You're a human being and worth more than a meal from a dumpster.  Please come in during operating hours for a couple slices of hot pizza and a cup of water at no charge.  No questions asked."

For the last two years, they've kept that promise and given away over 142,000 slices of pizza, or about $70,000 worth of food.