It's Time to Vote on Endangered TV Shows in the Annual "Save Our Shows" Survey!

Make Sure Your Favorite Show Doesn't Go Away!

April 5, 2019

"USA Today" has just launched its annual 'Save Our Shows' survey, which lets people voice their support for shows that are "on the bubble" and may be in danger of being canceled.

They've been doing this for 22 years, which is a long time.  At the beginning people might have been voting to save "Seinfeld". 

They don't have a database of how effective the survey has been over the years but "Timeless" has won the past two years, and both times it came back.  NBC had canceled it in 2017, and then changed their minds and renewed it.

And after it won the poll last year, NBC brought it back again for a two-hour series finale in December.

This year, 26 shows from the major networks are "on the bubble" including "Madam Secretary" and "Blindspot" and new shows like "The Rookie", "Whiskey Cavalier" and "The Passage" and the returns of "MacGyver" and "Murphy Brown".

Others include:  "Fresh Off the Boat", "The 100", "Lethal Weapon", "Single Parents", and "Roswell, New Mexico". 

Click here to vote for your shows!