Lay's Announces 8 New Chip Flavors

Including Deep Dish Pizza and Lobster Roll

July 19, 2018

Lay's just announced eight new flavors.  They're all part of a "Tastes of America" line, so each one is supposed to represent a flavor from different parts of the country.  Check out the new flavors below...

1.  Deep Dish Pizza, for Chicago.

2.  Lobster Roll, for the New England states.

3.  Pimento Cheese, for the South

4.  Thai Sweet Chili, for the Pacific Northwest.

5.  Fried Pickles with Ranch, representing state fairs everywhere.

6.  Crab Spice, for Maryland.

7.  Chile Con Queso, for Texas.

8.  And Cajun Spice, for Louisiana.

They're all going on sale at the end of the month, and will be available through September and they'll only be in stores in the regions they represent.  If you want the other ones, you'll have to order them from 

#FOODNEWS: GIORDANO’S DEEP DISH PIZZA LAYS ---- Lay’s just announced a new regional line up of flavors including a @giordanospizza Deep Dish Pizza, a New England Lobster Roll, & Fried Pickles with Ranch. The 8 “Tastes of America” flavors are meant signify tastes one might find near specific parts of the U.S., with the Deep Dish Pizza representing the Heartland & Mid-America, while the New England Lobster Roll will be repping the Northeast. Expected to hit stores in late July, there should be enough time to make room for these limited edition flavors. #foodbeast | -- @candyhunting

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