Now More People Are Challenging Celebrities Who Are Decades Older Than Them to Fights!

Who Would You Have To Fight?

June 12, 2019

There are so many horrible things about the Internet, but THIS is why we keep it around:  After 25-year-old JUSTIN BIEBER challenged 56-year-old TOM CRUISE to a fight, someone came up with a FANTASTIC idea!

Challenge a celebrity 31 years older than you to a fight! 

And it's catching on.

One woman is psyched that she finally has the chance to kick 72-year-old SALLY FIELD's butt. 

Another guy dared 66-year-old JEFF GOLDBLUM to, quote, "come catch these hands."

And a dude who goes by the name of Blaine Capatch told 84-year-old SOPHIA LOREN to, quote, "Cash me outside."

(To find out who YOU can challenge, just subtract 31 from your birth year, then do a Google search for celebrities born that year.  You'll find a ton of sites that list them.)