PSA: Burger King's New Black Slushie will Turn Your #2's Weird Colors!

That What People Are Claiming!

October 11, 2018

Do you remember a few years back when Burger King sold a burger with a black bun for Halloween but the coloring turned people's #2's green?  It turns out they did not learn their lesson.

Burger King just started selling a "Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry" slushee for Halloween and based on early reports it's messing with people's bowels again.

According to social media, so far the coloring they put in the slushee has turned people's #2's black, blue, and green.  That's an interesting way to ccelebrate Halloween!

I’m a sucker for frozen drinks like this and come on? Scary Black Cherry? Caught my eye. And since it’s 5,000 degrees in October...I treated myself! #yolo #frozenfanta #scaryblackcherry #burgerking

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@burgerking has a black cherry icee that's ACTUALLY BLACK. This is all I've ever wanted in my goth life! * * * #scaryblackcherry #burgerking #icee #slushee #goth #gothfood

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