Skittles Is Creating a New "Zombie" Pack

And Some of the Candies Will Actually Taste Like Rotten Zombies?

October 11, 2018

Are you a fan of Skittles?  Would you try a "rotten zombie" flavored one?

Skittles just announced they're going to be coming out with a new "Zombie" pack.  It'll have flavors like melon, black cherry and rotten zombie. 

No, really.  A few of the candies in the pack will have a, quote, "rotten zombie" flavor.

Weirdly enough, they aren't rushing these out for Halloween and they say they won't come out until Halloween next year. 

New Zombie Skittles will be out for Halloween 2019! There's hidden Rotton Zombie flavored Skittles among the uninspired fruit flavors: Citrus punch, melon, blackberry, black cherry, and red berry. I wonder what Wrigley thinks Rotton Zombie tastes like...? I can't imagine them actually using a decaying flesh flavor (the scent is caused primarily by the compounds cadaverine and putricine --). Nevertheless, this might be the first un-fruit flavor in a Skittles pack since the Chocolate Skittles in 2007! You're on the right track, @skittles, now just make a whole pack of flavors that aren't boring fruit.

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