A Superintendent Donates $10,000 to Cover Kids' College Application Fees

What An Amazing Feel Good Story!

August 12, 2019

44-year-old Grant Rivera is the superintendent of a school district in Marietta, Georgia, just outside Atlanta. 

He's in charge of 8,900 students, plus 1,200 employees across 11 different schools.  And he recently got a $10,000 bonus.

But instead of keeping it, he's donating ALL of it to pay for his students' college applications.

The average fee is $43.  So it's enough to cover around 230 applications.

About 500 seniors in his district are set to graduate next spring.  And he expects around 200 of them to apply for college.  But if all 500 want to apply, he says he'll pay for all of those applications too.

Any money left over will go toward field trips to in-state college campuses.  And he hopes it inspires more students to focus on their future.  Quote, "I want them to believe in themselves as much as WE believe in them."