There's New Underwear Designed to Keep Dads From Getting Kicked in the Junk by Their Babies!

Do You Know Someone Who Would Need Them?

October 12, 2018

There are a new pair of underwear for men called FridaBalls and it's a pair of men's boxer briefs with a reinforced crotch. 

Why?  So when you're wearing your baby in a baby carrier and his legs are flying, you won't be in horrible pain when one inevitably whacks you in the junk.   They cost $28 for a pair. 

Protects against: ✔️Head butts ✔️Baby carrier swinging heel ✔️Sunday morning bed jumps ✔️Super eager welcome home Get a pair, save a pair. #fridaballs

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Get your kicks, baby. Dad’s package just got wrapped a little tighter thanks to FridaBalls, the underwear specifically designed to add branches to your family tree. #fridaballs

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