Three Weird Foods That Will Cool You Down on a Hot Day

Are You Willing to Try These Foods?

August 8, 2018

It's been so hot in San Diego these past couple of weeks and I know you are looking for ways to cool down. Apparently, what you eat helps!  

We all think, just eat ice cream or watermelon right? Well, we have three not-so-obvious choices that can help you cool down . . .

1.  Something with chili peppers in it.  It might make you feel hot at first but chili peppers trick your body into thinking it's hotter than it is.  So they make you sweat, which ultimately causes your body to cool down.

2.  Spinach.  It helps level out your blood pressure, which helps keep you feeling cool.

3.  Soup.  Again, it tricks your body into thinking it's hot, so you start sweating and the moisture on your skin ends up cooling you down.

Two things to avoid on a hot day are carbs and meat.  Your body has to work harder to digest them, which tends to up your body temperature.