The Top Eight School Supplies Teachers Need Donated

Check Out the List!

August 2, 2018

If you're doing your back-to-school shopping and want to buy a little extra, here are the top eight things teachers need donated . . .

1.  Pens and pencils. 

2.  Notebooks and folders.  Ideally, without any designs on them.  Just solid colors.

3.  Erasers.  Specifically the kind you stick on the end of a pencil after the original eraser gets worn out.

4.  Crayons.  Obviously older kids don't need them.  But they're one of the top things kids need in kindergarten through the 3rd grade.  A box of 24 is perfect.  They don't need the kind with a billion color choices.

5.  Glue sticks.  Again, younger kids need them.

6.  Dry-erase markers.  Teachers go through a lot of them.

7.  Kleenex and antibacterial wipes.  Schools don't always buy enough, so teachers end up paying for them.

8.  Red pens.  Teachers go through a ton of them grading papers.