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The best of 1984 - Maybe!

November 9, 2017

Rolling Stone did their own list, so I thought - why not do mine?  It was a great year for music- and in my mind (for now) these are the 10 best.

10.  Hall and Oates - "Out Of Touch".(Darryl and John's last #1).

 9.   Duran Duran - "The Reflex" (this "very deep" song was written after Simon LeBon had put away a bottle of wine.)

 8.  Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney -"Say Say Say". 
(It came out in 1983-Rolling Stone has it on the list of 1984 hits. . just an interesting collaberation.)

 7.  Ah Ha-"Take On Me".  

The video is the original version of the song "Lesson One"- it was totally redone by the band in 84.

 6.  Sade - "Smooth Operator".  Included here because she is beautiful and sensuous -and no one on the radio ever got her name right. (Sadie, Shar-Day, whatever)

 5.  Don Henley - "Boys of Summer".  (Talk about love- "....even after the boys of Summer are gone"... He'll be in love from May til . . November?)

 4.  Tina Turner - "What's Love Got To Do With It".  (Single people in 1984 probably remember this song-a lot.)

 3.  Genesis - "That's All". (Just a very well put-togther song about a failed relationship).

 2.  Bruce Springsteen - "Dancing In The Dark".  (Bruce said he was suffereing writer's block when he wrote this and that's what it's all about.)