Chefs Say To Leave THIS Item OFF Your Thanksgiving Menu!

November 17, 2017

Noooooo!  Say it isn't so.  My Mom had one item on our Thanksgiving dinner menu that HAD to be there every year.  She could change other things around.  Maybe make different kinds of pies.  Or serve mashed potatos one year and scalloped the next. 

Those items were ok if they were there or if they weren't.  BUT, if she didn't make Sweet Potatos in a brown sugar and butter sauce and then top it with Jumbo marshmellows and melt them over the top in the oven...lets just say there would be a revolt!

Apparently though chefs don't agree with my families tastes.  Chefs say that the one item that doesn't belong on the menu is Sweet Potatos.  What is wrong with these 'chefs'?!  Well, I'm keeping it on my menu.  If you want the full reason as to why you shouldn't have it on your menu...some sillinesses about sweet on sweet being a bad the full article from Time Magazine.