Did This Video Really Kill This Singers Career?

March 13, 2019

Tonight on the 80's at 8 I highlight the song I'm So Excited from the Pointer Sisters.  It was a hugely successful song and the video was directed by Kenny Ortega.  Kenny has an interesting ties to the artist Billy Squire who was also huge in the 1980's. 

In the early 1980's Billy Squire had multiple hit songs like 'The Stroke', 'Lonely Is The Night' & 'Everybody Wants to'.

Then in 1984 he scored another #1 with 'Rock You Tonight'.  The single did great...but Billy has said that the video ruined his career.

The video's director, Kenny Ortega, not only directed the Poiter Sisters I'm So Excited video but later went on to direct Madonna's Material Girl video and he was the choreographer of the movie Dirty Dancing which all did incredibly well.

But you be the judge...here's the Billy Squire video: