Earn Your Booze Workouts!

Everyone Needs A Little Motivation

November 5, 2018

Everybody is different when it comes to what what incentives work.  But this one might help a lot of people to get fit!

A couple military veterans developed this plan after realizing that they wanted to stay fit, while still be able to hit the bars from time to time.

Now they organize events where people get together for workouts and then end it all with cocktail parties!  Got you interested? 

Read all about it from MEN'S HEALTH.

Whatever it takes... #EYB this weekend ------ . @funkfit in downtown Gilbert had been putting in the work for 10 years strong!! . We were thrilled to see EYB/FunkFit collab apparel in every class today ---- #EarnYourBooze #FunkFit

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