New Prince Music! WATCH the Video

August 7, 2019

Chris Graythen / Stringer

The Prince Estate released a 15 track compilation called 'Originals' this past June.  It's a compilation of Prince singing songs that he wrote but that were recorded and made famous by other artists.  One of the songs included on that compilation is called 'Holly Rock' and was originally released by Shiela E.  However, Prince recorded a demo of this song in 1985, the same week he recorded 'Kiss'.

I'm from Minneapolis and I've been a HUGE Prince fan ever since I can remember!  So new music from the estate is exciting for me and for anyone that is a big Prince fan!  Watch the animated video they released for this song:


I was lucky enough to travel back to Minnesota last year (Minneapolis is my hometown!) and visit Paisley Park Studios, Prince's recording studio, and for his last few years his residence too.  On the tour you find out that Prince always wanted Paisley Park to be a museum open to the public after he was gone.  I got to play ping pong on his table (he was a BIG fan of the game) and get this incredible picture in one of his recording studios!