The Top 20 Dramas Since The Debut Of The Sopranos 20 Years Ago

See If The Shows You Love Made The List!

January 11, 2019

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Can you believe that it's been 20 years since 'The Sopranos' debuted?!  I enjoyed that show so much that I bought the entire library of shows and rewatched it at one point!  I still watch reruns and I'm a member of a private Facebook page dedicated to the show.

But anyway...I digress!  Apparently the New York Times thinks highly of the show as well, because they just published a list of the '20 best dramas since The Sopranos'.

I agree with many here on the list.  I loved The Good Wife, Grey's Anatomy (although I finally stopped watching because it just felt like it was never going to end!) and Friday Night Lights.  But those are all strong shows for different reasons.  The closest thing on the list to a show kind-of like the Sopranos is Breaking Bad, in my opinion.  But they're just talking 'best dramas' in the article not 'the same as' The Sopranos.  So take a look at the list and see what you think:

1.  The West Wing

2.  The Shield

3.  The Wire

4.  Battlestar Galactica

5.  Deadwood

6.  Lost

7.  Veronica Mars

8.  Grey's Anatomy

9.  Friday Night Lights

10. Mad Men

11. Breaking Bad

12. The Good Wife

13. Adventure Time

14. Enlightened

15. The Americans

16. Rectify

17. The Leftovers

18. Transparent

19. Jane the Virgin

20. Atlanta

See the New York Times article in it's entirety HERE.