Two for The 4th

Enjoy the weekend

June 29, 2018

NamVo Huu

While you celebrate our nation's independence, you'll want to hear some of the great songs that were inspired by the good ol' USA.  Here are two you can check out on demand. . 


Bruce Springsteen's song points out issues Viet Nam Veterans faced when returning from Southeast Asia.  his is the first song and title track to one of the most popular albums ever - Born In The U.S.A. sold over 18 million copies. The single was released in England as a double A-side with "I'm On Fire.".  It was the first song Springsteen wrote for the album.  In the years since, it's been thought of as an anthem for The U.S.A. by those who really don't hear the lyrics.  

Neil Diamond's "America" still resonates with those looking at the plight of those coming to the U.S.A.  Neil's parents were both immigrants, his mother from Poland, his father from Russia.  Neil wrote this song for the 1980 movie "The Jazz Singer".  It's heard every year at this time....