Artem Kolomiiets

5 Turkeys for Thanksgiving

....compiled by Dave Mason

November 20, 2017

Looked for some songs that say "thanks" for Thanksgiving.  Found a few (hundred) so instead I looked for "Turkeys"--songs that may not win awards, but they're almost worth mentioning.  In case you want to remember, click on the link each song for the video.  Remember, this is a list of "turkeys" selected by other people.  We don't agree or disagree with this list--it's just for fun.  

 5.  "Achy Breaky Heart"-Billy Ray Cyrus.  The track was named the worst of all time in The Independent on Saturday,[81] and was ranked second in Blender's "50 Worst Songs Ever".[73] It also placed first in a Sydney Morning Herald reader poll to determine the worst track of the 1990s,[82] and was voted by Chicago Tribune readers as the worst song of 1992.

 4.  "What's Up"-Four Non-Blondes.  Composers Carl Barât and Stuart Braithwaite named this track the worst ever. Peer Dean Ween said: "It's as bad as music gets... Everything about the song is so awful that if I sat down and tried to write the worst song ever, I couldn't even make it 10 percent of the reality of how awful that song is".  The infamous "Heyayayayayaya" lyrics in the song later became an Internet meme, usually accompanied with an image of the action-cartoon character He-Man.

 3. "Who Let The Dogs Out"-Baha Men.  Number one on Spinner's "Top 20 Worst Songs Ever".

 2.  "Don't Worry Be Happy"-Bobby McFerrin.  This song was named by Village Voice critic Michael Musto as the worst of all time,  In the "50 Worst Songs Ever", Blender said that "it's difficult to think of a song more likely to plunge you into suicidal despondency than this", and also lambasted its "appalling" lyrics. 

 1.  "Barbie Girl"-Aqua.  Despite being successful, the song is despised by many and appears on many 'worst songs' list, including #1 on Rolling Stone's "Worst Songs of the Nineties" by a reader poll.