It could happen here!

...Earthquake shakes Alaska

December 3, 2018


So you tell your friends in other places (where it's snowing) that you live in San Diego.  They're all sitting there asking if you're nervous about "all the earthquakes".  You can calmly tell them that here in Southern California, the potential for earthquake damage in San Diego proper is -pretty low!!  In 2009 there was a 5.4 quake. In 2004 a 5.2, in 2005 a 5.6.  

This doesn't minimize the possibility.  Several faults run through San Diego.  

The recent 7.0 in Alaska shows what CAN happen during a major quake-and here's a couple who knew just what to do when this one hit.

The US Geological Survey has a number of resources to follow the ever-changing, ever-shaking earth...CLICK HERE.