olga sergeeva

BAD Food combinations

..that might actually be GOOD.

June 18, 2018

If you're llike my wife, you spend a lot of time on The Food channels.  You probably won't find THESE combinations on there, but at first glance - these sound pretty good! 

 1. Pizza-with Pizza Crust

 2.  Brownies with Kit Kat (or Twix) inside. 

 3.  Cheese Puffs with Nacho Cheese sauce.

 4.  Pizza flavored Pringle's with pineapple. 

 5.  Popcorn sprinkled with marshmallows.

 6.  Pizza with Chicken Nuggets on top.

 7.  The McLand and Sea - it's a Cheeseburger, fish filet and chicken patty on a bun.

 8.  In-N-Out burger with a chicken patty between the beef.

 9.  A bagel sandwich, with cream cheese and crushed Doritos!

If you try any of these out, please let us know.