Best way to survive your Company party!!

..let someone else be the life of the party

December 11, 2017

If you've been in the workforce for awhile you know there are stories- of Christmas parties past - that would totally be frowned upon today.  Here are some ways to get through this year's party in good shape...

1.  GO.  Don't come up with a lame excuse (unless you really have one).  You need to support your co-workers and employer.  There's strength in numbers.

2.  Eat something BEFORE you go. The appetizers they serve might not be enough to hide the effects of any alcohol.

3.  What you all have in common is your job.  It's understandabe that you'll spend a lot of time talking about your jobs, your company, your co-workers.  But keep it light and cheery.  Nevermind the annoying person in the next cubicle.  Be nice. To everyone.

4.  Should you wish them "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays"?  "Happy Kwanza" or "Happy Hanukkah"?  Since we're celebrating a number of things this season, "Happy Holidays" is safe- and they may say "Merry Christmas" back.  If so, respond in kind.  It's suggested however that this isn't the time to take a hard stand on what to say-or what others should say to you.  Remember, this is the place to get together and have fun.  

5.  Don't dance romantically with anyone at the party.  In the past, many thought the holiday party was a great place to finally make a move on someone.  It's NOT.  Same goes with disagreements.  It's not the time or the pace to tell someone they've angered you all year long.

6.  Don't be the last one to leave.  Be careful with your drinking.  Remember, you'll have to face these people again at work-and you don't want to have to apologize for anything you may have said or done.

You can use this occasion to impress people with your wit, sense of humor and intelligence.  Many experts say you don't have to act like the life of the party to BE the life of the party!! 

7.  Never go to a third venue.  If you're sober and people are hitting a bar afterward, go for it.  But a SECOND bar is risky.  By that point, you're definitely drunk.  And it might not be the official party anymore, but you're still