Dimitriov Konstaniov

DON'T try this one.

..it's way too dangerous.

January 2, 2019

The popularity of the Netflix movie "Bird Box" has people going off the "deep end" trying to emulate the characters in the movie.  Sandra Bullock and her children along with several other characters in the movie are trying to navigate the world blindfolded.  The reason? I won't spoil the plot of the movie.  

Apparently some of your friends and neighbors are trying to navigate the world blindfolded.  By themselves.  It's not a good idea according to many experts.  

What are they doing?  Brushing their hair. Navigating a puppy minefield-while blindfolded—has become increasingly popular on social media. And on Wednesday, Netflix issued a tweet asking people to STOP IT!!  There are other ways to have fun in 2019.