I think we found it!

Our mojo was missing

February 8, 2019

Several years ago we were looking for something to do as a family.  We found it at Poway Fun Bowl.  Just like things always do as a family things evolve.  Diane started working on Thursday, our chosen night.  Son Jon went on assignment in Phoenix and is still there.  Adam and I were left-and we continued our Thursday night tradition.  One night Tom Wolf said we should join The Dynamic Doubles League.  Why not?  What better way to get to know people?  So we did.  I think we've been through 4 seasons now-and have kinda stayed in the middle of the pack. Well, the latest season started and we seemed finished.  At one point I think we were 10th out of 9 teams.   This past Thursday I think we got the rhythm we needed.  Derek and Vegas were our opponents..and for the longest time the other teams were taking 3 or 4 points (out of four).  Watch THIS