Breaking and Entering Christmas on Sunny 98.1

Little Tommy comes through again!

December 5, 2017

I just wanted to say thank you to Sunny 98.1 for bringing 'Breaking and Entering Christmas' to their airwaves.

Please click and take a listen to the true spirit of the Holidays and Christmas.

As you listen to the audio and look at all the videos and photos, please know that the mom did reach out to us and she was very grateful and she said her children believe the gifts came from their daddy in heaven.

Happy Holidays everyone!

-Little Tommy

We asked and San Diego responded!

You recommended families that needed help this Christmas. Little Tommy and I selected a family and made Christmas wishes come true on Tuesday, December 5th. (You can read the letter below!)

From 7:40am, listen as Little Tommy and Dave Mason complete another 'Breaking & Entering Christmas'!

Here's the lead-up to 'Breaking & Entering Christmas'

There's so much to tell you-so much to share thanks to "Breaking And Entering Christmas with Little Tommy" on Sunny 98.1.  Here's part of his appearance on KUSI as he gets his crew ready to visit a San Diego family deserving a sepecial Christmas. 

Here's the letter we selected...