Parinda Yatht

Here's the list

of who's going to eat WHAT on Sunday

January 31, 2019

The Big Game- what's the #1 activity for the day?  F O O D.

It's estimated that we (collectively) will consume:

1,250,000,000 chicken wings.

120,000,000 pounds of avocado,

4,000,000 pizzas

50,000,000 cases of beer

This makes Superbowl Sunday the 2nd largest eating day of the year.  (Thanksgiving is the biggest, of course.)

Sidenote:  Tickets for the first Superbowl were $12 each.  The game was in January 1967 at LA's Memorial Coliseum.  Apparently it was open seating..and it wasn't a sell-out.