Win Hawaii by listening to Sunny 98.1

The Trip A Day Giveaway!

March 29, 2019

We learned that you'd LOVE to win a vacation to Hawaii on Sunny 98.1.  So you'll have the chance EVERY DAY to win.  What do you know about Hawaii?

*It's actually 137 islands including the major eight, islets, atolls, and reefs.  (You'll win a trip to Oahu.)

*You can find 10 climate zones in Hawaii, from tropical and continuously wet to hot desert and ice climates, you see and experience pretty much everything Earth has to offer on one island-the island of Hawaii.

*While it's pretty easy to get there, Hawaii is 2000 miles from basically anywhere else.  It's the most geographically isolated island chain on Earth.  

*You shouldn't bring your pet snake into Hawaii.  The natives have done a great job of keeping snakes out of the island chain.  Anyone bringing one in can be fined $200,000.

*The Hawaiian landscape is beautifully protected.  So much so that there are no Billboards in Hawaii.  

*Just about EVERY beach in Hawaii is a public beach.  You can get fined for trying to block public access.

*You can win your HAWIIAN vacation by listening to Sunny 98.1.  Click HERE and find out how .. .Good luck.