Andrii Hrytsenko

Behind the scenes at HBO

How the HBO Movie intro evolved...

November 18, 2018

Cable TV was relatively young in 1983 but some companies were on the cutting edge of production in efforts to match the commercial stations theatrics.  HBO commissioned a number of people and companies to help them create the "Feature Presentation" animated logo they used beginning in the early 80s.  This is a special they showed in 1983 between features explaining how they did the "HBO City".  About 6:11 into the video the man who wrote that iconic music appears. 

In the mid 60s in suburban Rochester Ferdinand Jay stood in my drive way making the claim that someday he'd be very very famous.  I think within the next few months he had 2 jobs in radio.  Subsequently he worked as a DJ for two of the best stations in town-and today he's the head of one of the biggest ad agencies in the country.  How did the idea for the HBO intro come to be ?