Bored at work? Here's help.

You'll probably LOVE #10.

November 14, 2018

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Hard to believe -but some people are actually BORED at work.  The "experts" have come up with SIXTY-FIVE things you can do to alleviate the boredom.  If you have time to do all sixty-five-you certainly want to start rethinking your career.  I'll start here with 10 -and if you want to see the rest, click HERE.  

1.  Clean out your spam folder.  (Aren't there things in there from 3 years ago that you'll never need?) 

2. Unsubscribe from 10 newsletters. (You had time to subscribe to 10? You have time to READ them?) 

3. Subscribe to a new industry-focused newsletter. 

4. Google David Allen's "Two Minute Rule". 

5. Write to a professional contact to suggest a get together.  

Maybe it's your old boss or one of your current colleagues who you'd like to get to know more. Regardless, shoot them an email and ask if they want to grab lunch or a coffee next week. 

6. Update your email signature.  Does it still say "intern"? 

7. Check in with your network.  Talk to people you haven't talked to in awhile.

8. Make a "to read" folder in your inbox. Then READ it. 

9. Make a "to do someday" folder in your inbox. (You'll probably never do it) 

10. Write an email to your boss letting her know you want to discuss some new responsibilities. 

If you're bored?  Maybe there's a new challenge out there.  For the rest of the suggestions, click HERE.