Scott Geissel

Customer Service LIVE to find a real person

February 5, 2019

You've called customer service and now you're hearing cheesy music and "your call is important to us.  All customer service representatives are busy.  We will answer your call as soon as possible.  Please stay on the line."

So after 20 minutes of this, what do you do?  Try these tips:

*Press "0" (Zero).  You will get some kind of response usually.  (Maybe even "that is not a recognized action) but it's worth a try.

*Press "#" (the pound key).  

In each case try the key(s) more than once.  

A lot of companies will do their best to keep you away from a real person-perseverance pays off if you have the time.  

If you're still having trouble, try THESE websites  CONTACTHELP.COM

 No luck?  Try GETHUMAN.COM.  

You might want to save this article for later.  There will be a time in your future when you'll want to call SDG and E, The Cable/Satellite/Internet company, Your child's school..and you'll want to try to maneuver your way through the rediculous phone computer systems.  HERE'S HOW TO FIND OUT MORE from PC MAGAZINE.