It's a CRUNCHY Calendar

September ...

August 31, 2017

September will be a wild and wonderful month in your life.. for a lot more than just regular events.  

For instance-  September 5th.  My Mother's birthday - -but it's also:

     Be Late for Something Day

     Take Another Look Unlimited Day (to find things to donate to charity)

September 7th.  My wife and I celebrate our 32nd Anniversary -but it's also

     Neither Snow nor Rain’ Day

     Salami Day

      Attention Deficit Disorder Awareness Day

      Google Commemoration Day

We'll light the candles on my sister Barbara's birthday cake on the 12th-  it's also: 

     Encouragement Day

     Video Games Day

September 20th is Diane's Birthday - -and it's 

     School Backpack Awareness Day

     String Cheese Day

What do YOU have going on in September?  Find out other conincidental days and events HERE.  Thanks for listening.