It's a new month-a new day!

The New SUNNY 98.1 Lineup is here. . .

January 31, 2018

AJ and Sara (and Hula) will occupy the early morning Sunny timeslot (from 5a-9a) and I'll be proud to have you guide me through the workday with the Commercial Free Non Stop Lunch Hour today and every weekday beginning at 11:45.    Ya love the Sunny 98.1 Greatest Hits, you'll love them with almost no interruption while you work.  While you're here please sign up to be the Sunny 98.1 Facebook Friend of The Day to win prizes and things at 11:40 - right before we start the Non Stop Lunch Hour.  Make it a fun day with AJ and Sara in the morning, Dave Mason (me) 9-2, "The Greener" Gene Knight 2-7 and Brooks O'Brien 7p-Midnight.  We'll have fun-and even more fun if you're here for more of San Diego's Greatest Hits...and The Sunny 98.1 Trip A Day Giveaway,