It's the Toast of Gaslamp- Trending Q and A for Tuesday

you answer questions with things you should know already- at 9:10

December 4, 2017



The Christmas experts are saying there's more to being festive than just a Christmas sweater.  In 2017, people are decorating another item they wear.  What's the most popular?  You can find the answer, then wait for the question at 9:10 Tuesday morning.  The phone number is (619) 570-1981.  We've got a pair of tickets for "Toast of Gaslamp" if you're the first correct answer Tuesday Morning.  WE'RE MOVING IT TO 9:10 this morning--because of Breaking and Entering with Little Tommy!! 


Monday, we asked about the foods you should never include on your dating profile.  If it asks what your favorite foods are you should never includ YAMS or (as Albert told us) -FRIED CHICKEN.