It's TRENDING on Wednesday morning at 8:10

for tickets to "Toast of Gaslamp" this Saturday

December 5, 2017

You want to win?  Sunny 98.1 has a pair of tickets to "Toast of Gaslamp".  It's a fun event Saturday.  Win your tickets by letting us know the one obvious thing about the movie "The Dark Knight".  Pretty easy, right?  If you know the answer to the "Trending Q and A" Wednesday morning-be listening for the question. . 570-1981 is the studio phone number to call to win.

Here's what was asked on Tuesday:

 Foerget the sweaters.  In 2017, people are decorating another item they wear.  What's the most popular? The answer is THEIR HAIR!!  Esperanza got it right.  Listen Wednesday morning at 8:10 to win again.