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"Stronger Every Day"

Lindsey Buckingham after open heart surgery damages his vocal cords

February 12, 2019

Former Fleetwood Mac member Lindsey Buckigham had open heart surgery last week and it damaged his vocal cords.  His wife says he's "stronger each day than the last" and yet they're not sure if the vocal cord damage is permanent.  Lindsey was "thrown out" of Fleetwood Mac about a year ago. Stevie Nicks said she couldn't work with him anymore. 

The band itself has had an encyclopedia's worth of issues over the years but it seems each has prompted them to create amazing music. "Rumours" was their best album ever, and it seems each song had to do with the band's interpersonal relationships and how they reacted with each other.

On January 26, 2018 Lindsey Buckingham appeared on stage with Fleetwood Mac for the last time. The video here is amateur and a little shaky but shows the band at the Music Cares concert with Harry Styles singing "The Chain".  

Here's a hope for a quick healing of both Lindsey's voice -and his heart.