The Dead will Live Again

Night of The Living Dead - part II?

November 5, 2018



You wonder how one things they're qualified to even write about this ? I do- but I lived it.  In a way.  In 1968 while in The Army, one of our platoon mates talked about this movie that was filmed near where he grew up in Western Pennsylvania.  When the movie showed up on the base theater (Ft. Monmouth, NJ) we went not knowing what to expect.  It started out with bad acting, a shaky soundtrack and obvious amateur theatrics until the "ghouls" hit the screen.  Chilly Billy Cardille as a news reporter, the sheriff's off the cuff lines...but there was "something" about this movie. It displayed zombies as we'd never seen them before.  It was gruesome, and yet in a funny way - kind of delightful to see how they portrayed an epidemic which has been imitated a lot since, but never equalled.   I moved to Pittsburgh in 1977 and started working with people who KNEW the people behind this movie-including the Hardmans and George A. Romero himself.  Many of the people in this movie are gone now, but George showed his talents in subsequent films including "Dawn Of" and "Day Of"-sequels of sorts to the origina.  Now word comes of a sequel to the original "NOLTD" as the "insiders" called it.  If you haven't seen the original, be prepared to be shocked, delighted and amazed at how a movie like this could be made.  Even in 2018 it has legs if you can overlook the amateur aspects of it.  There are dozens of documentaries surrounding this -and the follow ups -but nothing compares to this. If George A. Romero's spirit has a hand in the "sequel" (and his widow says it will) there's a hit bubbling up in the future.  

 is a light-hearted review of the original while you're waiting for the 2019 (or 2020) version.