Look to the skies....

August 12, 2017



My first fun encounter with was in 1999 while driving through Texas at 3am.  One-after another-after another.  I've been fascinated with them ever since and while the upcoming eclipse has a lot of people buzzing, an event this weekend should have you looking up.  The Perseids Meteor Shower peaks this weekend, with a possible 150 meteors per hour across North America.  Well hold on there sparkly face-we'll only see about 40 per hour.  Why?  The moon.  It's obsuring many of the fainter Perseids.  But you should still have a fun view of the shooting stars if you're patient, and maybe a few miles outside of San Diego.  I can attest because on my way home from Valley View Casino and Hotel last night I certainly DID see several.  Let us know if you see some or even one this weekend.