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Twilight Zone to return..will it succeed?

Rod Serling is gone, but his legacy lives on

October 11, 2018

Rod Serling's "The Twilight Zone" first aired in 1960 and spawned several reboots over the years - and of course, "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror" at Disneyland Resorts. 

The show will return to television in 2019 - but not as easily accessible as we'd like.  Jordan Peele will host The Twilight Zone reboot.

The Get Out director is developing the new take on the show for CBS All Access, and said in the past he was considering stepping into Rod Serling’s host role as well. Now, a new Twilight Zone reboot teaser confirms it, with Peele’s voice serving to introduce the show ahead of its 2019 debut. 

Let's look back at "Twilight Zone, The Movie" from 1982 with behind the scenes footage with the directors. 

Keep your eyes open for more news on this legendary TV series that keeps coming back decades after the passing of the originator.