The Most FAMOUS Music Video ever

...and it's good year round!

October 4, 2018

This turned out to be much more successful than anyone thought- but it 's a testament to Michael Jackson and the people around him.  Alice Cooper had produced a move around his "Welcome To My Nightmare" tour in the 70s, and that was partly the inspiration for THIS movie.  It was far and away the most elaborate music video produced to this point and an amazing almost 15 minute creation.  John Landis, legendary movie producer ("Animal House" "An American Werewolf in London" and more) was brought in to produce this epic music video.  Vincent Price-the American actor who voiced the narration at the end-was paid $20,000 for his part.  He could have been paid more!  The song is played all year long, but this time of year (Halloween, of course) it's MOST popular!!  Where did the wolf sounds come from?  Word is-it's Michael himself.