Kittipong Jirasukhanont

Is it a love song?

The Police's biggest hit made it to the top this week!

July 9, 2018

There are probably a lot of reasons this song has endured - mainly because of the "BREATH" references, the life, the devotion promised in the song.  It was July 9th, 1983 when this song hit number one on the charts...stayed there for 8 weeks(!).  Funny thing is the song is more about stalking than loving.  More about "owning" than "devotion".  Sting wrote it after separating from his first wife.  He called it a "nasty little song" about "surveillance and ownership".   

Once he says he saw it performed on TV by two singers who looked at each other with love and infatuation while they sang it-totally missing the meaning.  A lot of people feel that way. Some have used it as their wedding song...and it's still one of those we can't help but sing along with!!