dreamstime/Steven Jablonski

Winners are your neighbors

You probably know many of them

October 12, 2018

What are the chances?  Every day you have the chance to win fun things on Sunny 98.1.  The Trip A Day Giveaway to HawaiiTickets for New Kids On The BlockA Panera Bread Lunch delivered by AJ and Sara.  

You can win like Brandi in Pacific Beach.

Vanessa in Chula Vista

Maria in Mira Mesa

Allison in Escondido

Tom in Ramona

Tora in El Cajon

Heather in Bay Park

Here's one thing you should know.  All winners on Sunny 98.1 reside in San Diego.  You're competing with your friends and neighbors -not people who are thousands of miles away.  Hit up any of the links on our website-and sign up for all of the fun things you can win-and remember our motto... "All Winners Are Local".  The rules spell out.  Good luck!