Springing forward?

What if you DIDN'T?

March 9, 2018



With everything else you have to remember -you should also remember to set your clocks ahead 1 hour before you go to bed Saturday night.  It's the phenomenon called "Dayight Saving Time".  

But-what would the world do without it?  Let's say we didn't do the twice annual ritual of changing the clocks.  In San Diego the sun would rise at 4:42 in June.  That would have the birds singing at what some would think was an unusually early hour.  

Now, let's look at how it would be if we "sprung forward" and didn't "fall back".  Everything would happen an hour later. In December we'd see sunlight until 5:50pm, but the sun wouldn't rise until 8:23.  There was a time when we would wait until the equinox (Autumnal or 'Vernal'-Spring) to adjust the clocks, but many states feel there are savings in energy with this concept so they started earlier.  The amount of daylight and night won't be the same until March 20th-the beginning of Spring.  

By the way-you CAN balance an egg perfectly on its end on both the Autumnal and Spring equinox.  BUT--you can do that any other day as well.  

Enjoy the daylight. It's worth losing an hour of sleep.