Like Father-like Family

...these musical apples are close to the tree!

June 11, 2019

How to get close to your dad?  Play in his band! With Father's Day coming up Sunday we can share some of the great bands of the 80s and the father-son connection.  While the bands were pretty young in the 80s when they had their biggest hits, the continued success in the 21st Century has provided a chance for Dad to offer up positions for his offspring. 

More than one Van Halen has performed on stage - Eddie's son Wolfgang joined the band onstage in 2007...saying that he'd hung around for a lot of the band's rehearsals -so he knew the music.

Rick Neisen, drummer for Cheap Trick plays with son Dxx in their concerts. 

Lukas Nelson, son of Willie seems to put it all into perspective.  "My Dad was gone all the time, and I wanted something that I could relate to I started playing music".  He's in Willie's band.

Lots of famous rockers' sons turned to music-maybe for that very same reason...or for some personal reasons.

John Lennon's son Julian-his dad's inspiration for "Lucy In The Sky" and Paul McCartney's inspiration for "Hey Jude" had his own musical success in the 1980's.

Ringo Starr's son Zak started playing professionally in the 80s..

Bob Dylan's son Jakob joined The Wallflowers in 1989 -and still performs.

Music is contageious for sure-and it's helped bond many rock and roll families!