Tuesday morning 8:10 TRENDING Q and A

Win 4 tickets to The San Diego Zoo

November 13, 2017

Mariana Forever


Tuesday morning at 8:10 we'll ask this question for you to win a 4-pack of tickets to The San Diego Zoo.  

Phillipe Cousteau, grandson of Jacuqes Coustean (famed underwater explorer) has one piece of advice for anyone who travels.  He says there's one thing you should own-and it will help you stay out of trouble on the road.  What -according to Phillipe-should you own? 

Be ready to find the answer-and listen Tuesday morning at 8:10.


Monday's question:  

It was originally called The Aristocrat.  That name bombed, so it was switched to the Blue Ribbon.  That also bombed, so they went with the name this sandwich is known as today....

What do we call it?   Lenny knew:  "The Big Mac"