It's VACATION time!!

It's supposed to make you happier

July 24, 2018

Next week Diane and I are travelling back east to my sister's.  That's where we'll stay, but since it's close to where i grew up-and I'm hosting a 50th Class Reunion (for a class other than mine), so we'll be doing our best to see lots of people during the short time we're there.  I just noticed a post by Huffington that says "Travel Makes You Happier" for many reasons.  It'll be fun seeing my Sis-and more of the family I don't see a lot of, and the Huff Post article says a lot of good things about traveling.  I've found some other things about leaving home for a week-that can ring true too.

*I think I want to travel more. My bank account will let me go to Scripps Ranch Community Park.

*I need a vacation long enough to forget all of my passwords.

*Vitamin D is good for you! Vitamin D comes from the sun.  Where we're going has an average of 165 sunny days a year (and 84 inches of snow).  San Diego has 263 sunny (to partly cloudy) days a year.  I get enough Vitamin D.  

*People back east will KNOW we've lived for some time in California.  They'll look at us funny and wonder if we're weird.  (No, we're not.)

*We're planning to travel correctly by laying out all of our clothes, and all of our money.  We'll take half the clothes and twice the money.

*We'll get some great food - in the airports.

*We live less than 50 miles away from Mexico.  Where we're going -it's less than 50 miles away from Canada.  

*We'll learn again why the phrase "As pretty as an airport" is said by no one. Ever.

*When we get there, we can have a beer named after a river that flows north (Genesee), a Hot Dog that's WHITE, not red, a restaurant known for it's "Garbage Plate" and we'll be able to see what's left of Eastman Kodak and Xerox.  

We'll also get to see one of the most beautiful parks in the world- Letchworth State Park -closer than Canada is.  

James Vallee

I'm looking forward to battery recharge -thought it would be fun to share the pre-vacation thoughts.  Hope you get to get away for awhile too.  

It really does help you appreciate a lot.