What to do for the rest of the Summer

...if you need ideas

July 3, 2017

The 4th of July in the rear view mirror?  Summer's not over, especially not in San Diego.  Here are some fun things to do to make it worth your while.  

 1.  GO TO THE BEACH.  You've heard all of your friends talk about La Jolla Cove, OB, PB, IB....when was the last time YOU were there.  

 2.  GO TO A CONCERT.  Everything from The Symphony to ...Huey Lewis and The News will be in San Diego this summer.  (Lots more, too).  


  I built this thing in about 3-4 hours on a very hot afternoon.  It was worth it!!  The family should start talking to me again tomorrow.



Get there early before everyone else does.  The chlorine should have done it's work by now.  I swam almost every day in a public pool-and it hasn't affected me one bit.


Poway Road is a good place to start.  Pawn Shops, Thrift Stores, plenty of restaurants . . . and of course there's always the Flea Markets.  Again, get there early, but don't worry about rain. (You're in San Diego). 

 6.  Stay Up Late.

 If you get away from San Diego on certain nights in July and August (and beyond) you'll see a great sky display thanks to numerous METEOR SHOWERS listed HERE.  

 That's just a few ideas.  You're in the America's Finest City and you'll certainly find more to do.  Things that you've never done, and things you didn't even know you could do.  Have FUN this summer With The New SUNNY 98.1.