Women prefer bald men? Win Janet Jackson Tickets

One bald celebrity says that's "garbage".

October 2, 2017

It looks like a survey came out saying that women found bald men "sexy".  One of America's favorite bald men said that's anything but the truth.  His quote....

"Believe me, as a bald man, there's not a word of truth to any of that."


Who said it?  Was it..

*Dr. Phil?

*Sean Connery?

*Larry David?

*Charles Barkley?

*Vin Diesel 


Win a pair of tickets to Saturday night's Janet Jackson concert at Valley View Casino Center if you're the first one in

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Monday morning we asked you to fill in the blank . . "The New WITCH store is opening in Kansas.  The parking lot is huge-with room for 400-500 ___"  What was the answer? 

Albert knew it . . "BROOMS".  It was a joke, see. .