You can't change it-so let's not use it.

Your social security number as an ID

October 3, 2017

When I got my first Social Security Card I was amazed at the words "not for identification".  When I got drafted my "RA" number was replaced.  By my Social Security number.  These days it's a national identification method and it's a huge problem.  If your number gets compromised (like in the Equifax breach) you're stuck.  You can't change your Social Security Number.  It was based early on as a way of identifying you for Federal Retirement benefits has grown to be the number  used to identify you for a lot of financial transactions.  

So what now?  They're talking about a "modern cryptographic identifier" which means. .. well, who knows?  Fingerprints?  Retina identification?  Chips?  As long as there are bad people, you'll be at risk. The idea is to minimize that as much as you can.